• Selwyn Dias

Hurricane Dorian Finally Moves On...

Just a week ago on August 30th, despair was at the forefront as the National Hurricane Center had prediction models of Hurricane Dorian making landfall at the eastern Florida coastline and then travelling west inland to exit into the Gulf of Mexico with Tampa in the direct path. Today, many Floridians are relieved to be spared though we pray for the lives taken and the destruction left behind in Dorian's path.

Every year during hurricane season, our family ponders on how different our lives would be if we were full-time Floridians. We watch from the side-lines and contemplate how difficult it is for so many families that don't have the financial means to evacuate and have no choice but to pray and ride out worst case scenarios.

We enjoy our fortunate situation to have two homes and the friendships we've developed with our guests who share our home during the Winter. It's a blessing to experience all that Florida has to offer, however, we will always recognize the wrath of mother nature. Property can be replaced, but lives are too precious to lose.

God Bless the people of the Bahamas.

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