• Selwyn Dias

Selecting Waterlefe - Our Story...

My wife and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. We've lived here since 2003 following a relocation from Texas. Our first winter in Ohio was a climate shock as we've never seen temperatures drop below zero in Dallas. As our lives adjusted to our new city we now call home, we've really not ever become used to the weather...we've learned to tolerate it.

As we're getting older, we have conversations about 'retirement', however, we were unsure about where we wanted to settle again. We made trips down to south Texas and looked around at South Padre Island. We decided against Texas.

In 2015, we planned a trip to Florida to look around. Keep in mind this was a trip to just look...we started in south Florida at Cape Coral looking at homes for sale. We slowly worked our way up the west coast, but we had some very specific criteria in mind. An upscale neighborhood, with a strong HOA to protect our investment was important. Other things that were important to us was a swimming pool, a friendly community, and easy access to a major airport, interstate highways, shopping, etc. An absolute must have was a water property with boating.

We looked at a lot of homes and, frankly, did not see anything that appealed to our list of wants. We were exhausted and ready to come home to Ohio...when our realtor insisted that we look at one more home. She said: "now that i've been with you these past few days, I have a good idea of what you want. You've got to see this home in a gated community called Waterlefe". So, what the heck, why not?, my wife and I thought.

And the rest was history...we were so impressed as soon as we pulled up to the security gate at Waterlefe. It is guarded 24 x 7 with security guard(s). As we drove through the neighborhood we admired the beautiful golf course, the meticulously manicured landscaping and then we pulled up to the cul-de-sac of this home for sale. Wow - it had the perfect floor plan for us...a swimming pool, a private boat dock and easy access to the gulf of Mexico. What more could we want...we thought.

Remember where I started? We were just looking with no intentions to buy. Well, on the drive to the airport my wife and I smiled and said what the heck...let's make an offer.

We've had our Waterlefe vacation home now for three years and we couldn't be happier. We share it with a few regular guests as I am still working. Our long-term plan is to use this as a snowbirds hangout where we will spend winters in Florida, and return back to home base (Ohio) for the rest of the year. Hope you enjoy our journey...hopefully, you're on a similar path with your lives.

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