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Snowbirds Home Away From Home

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Welcome to Florida Snowbirds Nest first blog. Please be patient as you read forward on this blog as I am learning too....

My name is Selwyn Dias. My wife (Jo) and I like to dream and plan our future. We currently live in Columbus, OH and have been here since 2003. Our two sons (Brennan and Evan) are now young adults shaping their own future, so we think it's a great time to shape ours.

Our next chapter in life that we're planning is "retirement". Albeit, it's still a few years out but we have started our planning and dreaming. In 2015 we bought this home in Bradenton, FL as our first step towards our dream. Our goal is to spend winters here to take a break from the frigid Ohio temperatures. Our plan is to do the 'snowbird' thing, like so many other people who live in the northern United States or Canada.

We know many of you have already taken the plunge...that is, have started being snowbirds - flying away to warm temperatures during the winter. To be labeled a Snowbird, you have to be gone away from your home base at least 30 days during the cold months. You either nest down at your own home (vacation home) or you choose to rent a winter home. Either way, you are at a home away from home.

We'd love to hear from those of you that have something to share about what we should expect to experience in our next chapter in life. Does being away from home base in the winter cause a major disruption in your life? Or do you even think about "back home" when you're in Florida or wherever? What are the tricks to adapting to home away from home?

Please feel free to comment and add your experiences below. We want to use this blog to share experiences about the good life...


Welcome to Florida Snowbirds Nest first blog.  Please be patient as

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